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About D.NEA

Group of loose diamond and jewelry
D.NEA–the first company to bring magnificent laboratory-created diamonds to the designer jewelry scene–is here to provide consumers with a high-tech, environmentally friendly and conflict-free alternative to mined diamonds.

D.NEA lab-created diamonds are outstanding creations of nature, science and human technology. They are identical to mined diamonds in every way. Grown under strict conditions and cut to the highest standards in the diamond industry, our diamonds come in a wide variety of colors, including yellow and blue, in addition to white.

We can present your lab diamond in luxury jewelry such as tension settings and classic solitaire and three-stone rings. We can help you pick out that perfect engagement ring or fashion piece of jewelry as well as offering custom jewelry design.

Our loose diamonds are grown by WD Lab Grown Diamonds of the USA, and AOTC of the Netherlands, as well as select other producers.

We proudly present these diamonds to you as a high-value alternative to natural diamonds.

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